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Teacher Resources


To instruct especially so as to encourage physical, intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement through Physical Education.

This site is designed to encourage you and offer opportunities for you to grow in your position as a Physical Educator. It is intended to be a "bridge" between your current skills and those skills you'd like to attain. Each of the topic areas below are filled with resources to help you do just that. Choose one that is an area of strength for you and submit a resource that you have designed...maybe you have developed a great management strategy that could work for others. Or, pick an area in which you would like to improve and select from the resources that others have submitted. Either way, you are on the journey of teaching, and your students are the beneficiaries!

Click on the image according to your interest:

PE Profession ResourcesPlanning Resources
The Student ResourcesInstruction Resources
Creating Community ResourcesAssessment / Reflection Resources
The Content Resources

Areas of Emphasis

The areas of emphasis for teacher resources are as follows:

PE Profession - What is happening within the profession and how can I influence it?

The Student - What do I need to know about my students in order to teach them better?

Management and Community - How can I create a safe and inviting place in which my students can grow? How can I manage my students more effectively?

The Content - What should I be teaching each year? What are the core skills and concepts of Physical Education?

Planning - How can I get it all in? What is an effective way to plan?

Instruction - What methods of presentation are there? Which ones fit best for me and for my students?

Assessment / Reflection - How do I know if my students are learning? If my program is growing?

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