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Parent Resources

We all know that our kids love to move. In fact, most of us have been trying to keep up with them since the moment they were born! This site is designed to help you understand your own child's physical development, the effects that your child's physical development has on his/her growth in general, and to offer you lots of fun activities to support their growth. Come on in and explore!

Click on the image according to your interest:

Moving On - Parent Resources
Development - Parent Resources
First Steps - Parent Resources
What is PE - Parent Resources

Areas of Focus

The areas of focus for parent resources are as follows:

What is PE - 'What is physical education today?'

First Steps - 'What should I know about my child's motor development?'

Development - 'What movement skills should my child have at his/her age?'

Moving On - 'How can I help my child's motor development?'

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