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Grade Level: K-2

Children are scattered throughout the area. To begin, they jog around in any direction they wish. Blow a whistle (or similar signal) a number of times in succession with short, sharp blasts. Children then form groups with the number in each group equal to the number of whistle blasts. If there are four blasts, children form groups of four—no more, no less. When players have the correct number, they sit down immediately to signal that no one may leave or enter their group. Youngsters who can’t find a partner within two giant steps run quickly to the center of the area (use a marking spot or cone) to find a partner. After the circles are formed, the teacher calls “jog,” and the game continues. Use a variety of locomotor movements.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Works cooperatively with others. (S4.E4.3a)


Applies simple strategies and tactics in chasing activities. (S2.E5.3a)