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Grade Level: 3-5

The game is simple and very similar to golf. Tape hula hoops around the area of play on the walls varying in different locations. You can have as many as you want depending on space. Have both a hula hoop and a poly spot with a number 1 on them so the children know that poly spot 1 corresponds with hula hoop 1 and etc. The student must stand on the poly spot for the first hit and then where ever the shuttle cock lands is where they take the next hit. The object is to hit it in the hula hoop in as few times as possible. Have the students keep up with their own score. Ex) If it takes you two times to hit hole 1, your score is two. Then it takes you three times to hit hole 2, your score is now five. The holes can vary in distances. Anywhere from 3 ft. away to the whole size of area. Divide the class into as many groups as you have holes.


SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Strikes a ball with a long-handled implement (e.g., hockey stick, bat, golf club), sending it forward, while using proper grip for the implement. Note: Use batting tee or ball tossed by teacher for batting. (S1.E25.3)