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Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

Create target on the walls and other areas around the playing area. Create score cards that match the targets. Students are each given a balloon or beach ball to use at the targets, On the teacher’s signal students move to a target and try to get as many correct volleys (or serves) as they can in a time period designated by the teacher. St the end of the time period, students record their scores and go to the next target.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Practices skills with minimal teacher prompting. (S4.E1.2)


Volleys an object with an open palm, sending it upward. (S1.E22.1)

Volleys an object with an underhand or sidearm striking pattern, sending it forward over a net, to the wall or over a line to a partner, while demonstrating 4 of the 5 critical elements of a mature pattern. (S1.E22.3)