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Grade Level: 3-5

Create small teams of 4-6 players and give them each a small area that is divided by some sort of a net. One team on each side. The teacher tosses to the first player on the hitters) team and the first hitter in line tries to strike the ball so that it lands on a part of the “fielders” side where a fielder can’t touch it. A double is a ball that lands between the service line and the net and a home run is a ball that lands between the service and baselines. All hitters take a turn and then teams switch.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Accepts, recognizes and actively involves others with both higher and lower skill abilities into physical activities and group projects. (S4.E4.5)


Strikes an object consecutively, with a partner, using a short-handled implement, over a net or against a wall, in either a competitive or cooperative game environment. (S1.E24.5)