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Grade Level: 3-5

  • Divide students into teams of two
    -Two students from each team are the first designated “punters”; these students will have a large supply of balls to punt out to their teammates
    -Teammates out in the field will try to successfully trap balls out of the air or on a bounce; once ball is trapped, students will place them in a designated safe area
    -Team who traps the most balls in 60 seconds wins the round
    -Rotate the punters out every minute

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Praises the move- ment performance of others both more skilled and less skilled. (S4.E4.4a)

Accepts players of all skill levels into the physical activity. (S4.E4.4b)


Kicks along the ground and in the air, and punts using mature patterns. (S1.E21.4)