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Grade Level: 3-5

Divide the class into a team with at least four players in each group. Two members from each team are selected to hold the two person parachute and be the “catchers”. Their job is to work together to catch a thrown object with the parachute (the object may not bounce or be rolled). Catchers may move side to side but cannot move closer to the thrower. If an object is caught in the parachute, the “catchers” must work together to transfer it into the team hoop/basket without using their hands. Each caught pop–fly is counted as a run/score.

One player is selected as the “thrower” and they must perform an underhand or overhand throw from a designated area (cone) using the parachute as the target. The last member of the team is the “Retriever.” They must pick up one object that is scattered in the outfield and run it to the “thrower”. They must hand it (do not roll or throw) to their team thrower and then go back to the outfield for another object. After all the objects have been collected from the outfield, count up your team “runs”, return objects to outfield and switch jobs so that everyone gets a chance to work the parachute, throw, or retrieve.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Works cooperatively with others. ( S4.E4.3a)


Throws underhand to a partner or target with reasonable ac- curacy. (S1.E13.3)

Throws overhand to a partner or at a target with accuracy at a reasonable distance. (S1.E14.4b)


Add a fitness component by having the “thrower” perform different exercises while they are waiting (step boxes, squats, jumping jacks, lunges, etc.)

You could have teams of 3 to increase the throwing engagement.

Have the parachute team move around the activity area and have the thrower and retriever switch places after each throw.

Have the students do the activity for a certain amount of time.

Make different levels for the game: maybe first level underhand throw, second level overhand throw, third level add movement of some sort.

To add more activity have the thrower do some type of cardio activity while waiting for the the catchers to put the object in the bucket.