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Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

After the students arrive have them spread out safely in the general space you have defined by the cones. On your signal, their task is to move throughout the general space using a locomotor movement of your choice. Change those patterns throughout this activity.

On the stop signal (drum, clap, whistle, voice) students are to stop and using SLOW MOTION act out an activity that is a part of a sport of their choice. For example, if they chose baseball as their sport then they can choose to act out the batting movement. This must be in very slow motion as your task is to try to guess a few while you are moving around.


SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Balances on different bases of support, demonstrating muscular tension and extensions of free body parts. (S1.E7.3)


Allow students who are doing an amazing job to make the slow-motion sound

Have them move in pairs and then they are to freeze and act out the activity with each other.

Call out the sport or activity so they don’t have choices.

Write down what sports you see and tell them at the end. Encourage them to choose activities or sports that you may not know so they try to “fool” the teacher. Swimming, ballroom dancing, ice skating, maybe some choices.

Have the whole group freeze, have half the class on one side of the room stand and their task is to watch the other half doing their slow motion sport movements. Have them keep their guesses to themselves and then switch sides.

After a minute of them demonstrating in slow motion, their job is to begin moving throughout general space again on your signal. On the next stop signal, have them choose a different activity in a sport to slow motion. Repeat and use the variations listed below to add excitement