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Grade Level: 3-5

Class will split into teams of three. Each team gets 3 hula hoops and 3 wiffle balls or tennis balls. Hula hoops will line up like a stop light. Closest hoop (the green light) will be worth one point, middle (yellow light) worth two, and the farthest hoop (red light) is worth 3 points. Closest hula hoops will start 10 feet apart. Adjustments can be made to accommodate skill level. Students will stand behind hula hoops. Each player gets one chance to land their ball in any hula hoop of the opposing team. Points will be kept by the individual teams. Underhand hitting style off the drop. Teams will alternate hitting toward the hula hoops. After 2.5 minutes, teams on one side will rotate one “court” to the left.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Strikes an object upward with a short-Handled implement (S1.E24 3b)