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Grade Level: K-2

  1. Student Responsibility: Sit quietly in a circle and listen to instruction and watch demonstrations
  2. Equipment: Polly spots and device to play music. The space that will be used a circle that is somewhere in the gym and an area around that for the students to skip around. The only equipment needed will be the poly spots that mark the circle.
  3. Instruction: Ok class, now here is where this step-up I was telling you about earlier comes into play. Today we will be learning skipping, and we will help us do this by playing Skipping Musical Chairs. Instead of chairs we will be using pollyspots that are set up in a circle, when the music starts we will move in a circle while skipping, when the music stops, everyone will try to get to a spot. After everyone but one person finds their spot, one more spot is taken out, and the person who didn’t find a spot will come to join the unable to playgroup. Like the last activity, the people who are unable to participate will be given a form going over the key parts needed for a mature skipping pattern, and will be analyzing is students are hitting these levels. Once a round of the game is completed, we will set up and play again. When performing a skip, it is important to remember it is a step forward followed by a hop on the same foot and at the same time arms are flexed and move in opposition to legs to produce force(Demonstrate skip). Please be safe and no pushing for a poly spot, if you got beat there you got beat there. Remember, a way to be a good friend during this activity is not bullying your way to a spot and respectfully accepting that you got out if that is the case. (Now start to begin the game)
  4. Cue words: Step then hop, arms flexed, opposition to help produce force.
  5. Making Groups: No groups
  6. Safety/Cheating: Make sure students know pushing other students off of the polly spots is not allowed.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Works cooperatively with others. (S4.E4.3a)


Skips using a mature pattern. (S1.E1.2)


  1. Applying: Have the students share activities/games that involve skipping
  2. Refining: Take away the music and have them skip in a circle, have them focus on an individual part of the skip and getting that part down before moving to the next part of the skip.
  3. Extending: Speed up the music and force the students to skip faster when the participant has demonstrated success or completion of the movement task.