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Grade Level: 3-5


1 parachute, many tennis balls (at least 20 and numbered), small bucket for each team, music


Group is split into two teams, even and odd. Then each person chooses a partner within their team.

One partner is holding the parachute and is the shaker, other partner is behind them and is the chaser/retriever.

Place tennis balls on the parachute. When music starts, shakers start shaking the parachute with the goal of shooting tennis balls off it. As tennis balls fly off, chasers try to retrieve the balls that correspond to their team (ball 17 would be odd team).

When music stops, team with most tennis balls in bucket wins. Repeat activity with partners changing places. Activity can be done with a variety of locomotor skills to move around and retrieve the tennis balls.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


(S4.E1.5) Engages in physical activity with responsible interpersonal behavior (e.g., peer to peer, student to teacher, student to referee).


(S1.E1.4) Uses various locomotor skills in a variety of small-sided practice tasks, dance and educational gymnastics experiences.


Depending on class size, there can be more teams. Might be easier to do colored balls rather than numbered unless also working on math skills.

Can also add or take away number of tennis balls depending on class size and performance.

Make a caught ball worth more points.