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Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Requirement: A large amount of space that can hide people and stuff (Mostly building on Gym night)

People will be split into two groups. Each person will have their own nametag on their back. The main objective of this game is to eliminate everyone from the other team. A person can be eliminated if their nametag is ripped off by the other team and placed on the wall.  However, there is more than one way to eliminate someone. There will also be a nametag of every participant hidden somewhere. If someone found the hidden nametag of someone from the other team and placed on the wall, then that person from the team will go to the “Return” zone. So it is a game of strengths and wits.

The people who are eliminated are sent to the “Return” zone. While in the Return zone, they can participate in activities with objectives that can get them back in the game. If the objective in the zone is completed the player is back in the game. Activities can be designed to match the skill being taught in class that day.

Activities objective Examples: Make 10 3 pointers in a row, dribble consecutively 30 times, use alternate hands to dribble for a minute, etc.



SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Examines moral and ethical conduct in specific competitive
situations (e.g., intentional fouls, performance-enhancing
substances, gambling, current eventsin sport).49 (S4.H2.L2)


Refines activity-specific movement skills in 1 or more
lifetime activities (outdoor pursuits, individual-performance activities, aquatics, net/wall games, or target
games).25 (S1.H1.L2)


Can also have power up.