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Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

Arrange the class in a scattered formation on the lines of the gym floor which will include the jump circle, foul lines, out of bounds, sidelines and possibly volleyball court lines. Use the lines like a Pac Man “game”. But they can’t pass each other or touch each other and when they meet at the lines, one of them has to go the other way. Tell the class to do these locomotor skills: run, jog, skip, leap, jump, gallop, etc. Then later, you can have a few chasers that try to tag them with a soft object. When tagged that person steps off the line and to be set free another person must tap them on the shoulder to continue….

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Follows the rules and parameters of the learning environment. (S4.E2.1)


Performs locomotor skills (hopping, galloping, running, sliding, skipping) while maintaining balance. (S1.E1.K)

Hops, gallops, jogs and slides using a mature pattern. (S1.E1.1)

Skips using a mature pattern. (S1.E1.2)