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Grade Level: 6-8

Four teams with six players on each team. The games are played on two volleyball courts~two teams on each court, Players number off from one to six. The first player on each team is holding the ball. The first player on each court starts the game by hitting the ball into the air and calling, ‘One.” The others, and in number order, attempt to keep the ball from touching the ground. Once a player hits the ball he or she may not hit it again until the next turn, in order. Any time a ball hits the ground, is touched by another player, or is caught, play stops and the score is given. This is the total to beat in the next game.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Cooperates with a small group of classmates during adventure activities, game play or team-building activities. (S4.M5.6)


Two-hand-volleys with control in a small-sided game. (S1.M17.8)