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Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


  • four gym mats
  • balls
  • 3-4 hoopla hoop.


  • Set the four mats anywhere around the gym and assign how much each mat is worth.
  • Set the hoopla hoop on a basketball hoop or hang them around the wall
  • There will be three people in a group
  • The first person will decide which mat he/she will throw it to
  • The second person will go in front of the mat the first person pick and catch the ball in order to gain a point for their team. If the second person does not catch the ball, then they do not get points
  • After the first person finishes throwing the ball, the second person then will throw the ball to which hoopla hoop he/she picks. If he/she makes it into the hoopla hoop then the team get one more point
  • The third person in the group will run and get the ball. If the third person is able to catch the ball off the wall then the team gets an extra point.
  • Teams will keep track of their own points
  •  After everybody has done an action then everybody rotates position.
  • Repeat switching position until the teachers tells everybody to stop
  • Team with the most points at the end will be the winner


SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Accepts, recognizes and actively involves others with both higher and lower skill abilities into physical activities and group projects. (S4.E4.5)


Throws underhand using a mature pattern in nondynamic environments (closed skills), with different sizes and types of objects. (S1.E13.5a)


Throws overhand using a mature pattern in nondynamic environments (closed skills), with different sizes and types of balls. (S1.E13.5a)
Throws overhand to a large target with accuracy. (S1.E13.5b)

Catches a batted ball above the head, at chest or waist level, and along the ground using a mature pattern in a nondynamic
environment (closed skills). (S1.E16.5a)

Catches with accuracy, both partners moving. (S1.E16.5b)

Catches with reasonable accuracy in dynamic, small-sided practice tasks. (S1.E16.5c)