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Grade Level: K-2

Hoops are scattered throughout the open playing area. Ask students to find a hoop and stand in it. When the music starts they need to move in the hoop any way they wish while staying in the hoop. When done, bring students together and quickly point out that they were in a “self space” when they were in the hoop — that is, students aren’t able to touch anyone or anything else when they were in their hoop. What is left over is called “general space”. Tell students when the music begins again, you’d like them to move in the general space avoiding the hoops on the floor. Ask them to skip, jog, walk, etc. Remind them that when they move in general space, they need to make sure they don’t come close to anyone else’s self space. When the music stops, they are to move safely to the closest open hoop. You can also challenge them to find a hoop by the time you count to “5” (or 3, etc.) after the music stops. Then, tell students you will call out a number when the music stops. This is the number of people who must now stand in a hoop together! For example, if you call out “6”, 6 students must all go to a hoop and stand in it (or, get at least one foot in the hoop). Then, ask students to introduce themselves to those in their hoop, saying their name and shaking hands.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Shares equipment and space with others. (S4.E4.K)


Performs locomotor skills (hopping, galloping, running, sliding, skipping) while maintaining balance. (S1.E1.K)