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Grade Level: K-2

Describe and demonstrate good hopping, jumping, and leaping form. Describe cues for good locomotor movement as well as safe landing. Talk about what elements can make up a set. Discuss how color, size, shape, etc. can all be ways to combine teams in sets. Place plastic figures of various types all over the floor. (Little plastic animals work well.) Create small teams of players and give each team a designated home area. On go, have one player from each team move forward and collect an item by hopping, jumping, or leaping over the top of it. Continue sending players forward until all of the items have been collected. Have students create as many sets as they can from the items they collected.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Follows the rules and parameters of the learning environment. (S4.E2.1)

Works independently with others in a variety of class environments (e.g., small and large groups). (S4.E4.1)

Follows teacher directions for safe participation and proper use of equipment without teacher reminders. (S4.E6.1)


Hops, gallops, jogs and slides using a mature pattern. (S1.E1.1)

Leaps using a mature pattern. (S1.E1.3)

Demonstrates 2 of the 5 critical elements for jumping and landing in a horizontal plane using two-foot takeoffs and landings. (S1.E3.1)

Demonstrates 2 of the 5 critical elements for jumping and landing in a vertical plane. (S1.E4.1)