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Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

  • Two cones are set up (distance is discretion of players)
  • If playing with one pair, one person is roller, one person is kicker; if playing two pairs one pair is roller and kicker the other pair is outfield
  • When ball is kicked runner uses locomotor skill (not running) to go around cones
  • Pitcher (1 pair) or outfield (2 pair) must get the ball and bring it back to touch a cone as fast as possible
  • If playing in 2 pairs, both outfielders have to touch the ball before getting it back to the cone
  • Runs are counted by how many cones the kicker (and pitcher if playing with 2 pairs) run around before the outfield gets it back to the cone

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Works cooperatively with others.
( S4.E4.3a)


Uses a continuous running approach and intentionally performs a kick along the ground and a kick in the air, demonstrating

4 of the 5 critical elements of a mature pattern for each. (S1.E21.3a)


  • Students are able to move the distance of the cones
  • Students are able to choose the ball they want to use for the game