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Grade Level: 3-5

Before class begins, set up the volleyball nets/ropes and place the basket of yarnballs in the middle under the net. Then place an empty basket at the far end, in the middle of each playing area.

Review the cue(s) for the overhand throw you want students to focus on when playing the game. Explain to students that they are to throw the yarn balls across the net to the other side as well as catch any balls that are being tossed to them. If they catch the ball in the air, they should place it in the basket on their side. If it ball drops to the floor without being caught, it can be picked up and thrown back to the other side.

Let students know they can catch balls off the walls. If they slide on the ground, however, or any part of their body besides their feet touches the ground when they are trying to catch, they then have to walk to the “penalty box” (an area set aside by a wall), count backwards from 30 then return to the game.

Divide the students into small groups (the number depends on how many net areas you have set up. The more areas you can use, the more opportunities each student has to retrieve and throw balls). Send the groups to their area to begin. Stop the game periodically or when you notice a group is close to having all their yarn balls in a basket. Have students count the balls in their basket, then divide them back up equally and begin again. During one of these breaks, relate to students the strategy of trying to throw the ball to where the other team is NOT.

You may wish to switch groups so they are throwing against different groups, as well.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


S.4 E.4 Working with Others


Throws overhand using a mature pattern in nondynamic environments (closed skills). (S1.E14.4a)


The net can be lowered for disabled students. You can also use a balls that make sound, like bell balls. The key is the balls have to be safe. Mild visually impaired students should use very colorful ball, or contrast balls.

Nets can also be set up using the “slanty rope” concept so students can throw over the height they feel most comfortable with.