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Grade Level: 3-5

This activity is a variation of “Monkey in the Middle”, and works best with groups of 6-8. For each group, tape a small X on the floor and scatter polyspots (one less than the number of people in the group) in a circle around each X (6-8 feet away seems to work best).

The person on the X is the “monkey” and the people on the spots are the passers (all players must keep one foot on their spot or X during the activity). Passers must keep the puck away from the monkey by passing to other teammates. Passers MAY NOT pass to someone to their immediate left or right, nor the person who just passed to them. If the monkey is able to steal a pass, then they switch places with the person who made the pass. After two minutes, if the monkey hasn’t stolen a pass, have them switch places with someone who hasn’t been in the middle.

Remind students of safety procedures for no highsticking.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Strikes a ball with a long-handled implement (e.g., hockey stick, bat, golf club), sending it forward, while using proper grip for the implement. Note: Use batting tee or ball tossed by teacher for batting. (S1.E25.3)


Have only 3 players on the 6 polyspots. Players could move to any spot to pass or receive the puck. This would make the activity more realistic, but would make it harder to pass without being intercepted.

To make it easier, practice without the person in the middle first. Make sure players are able to pass correctly without highsticking before adding the middle player.