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Grade Level: 3-5

Create small teams of four or five players, and arrange teams so that two teams face each other across a pickleball net. Name each player on one of the sides as a health care professional; doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc, and each player on the other side as a consumer with a health care concern; flu, toothache, new baby, etc. The game begins with any one of the health care professionals hitting the ball over the net. After that point, every ball hit by a health care professional must be returned by a consumer with a concern that can be helped by the professional. The object is for each team to have as many consecutive hits as they can. Change roles and play again.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Exhibits responsible behavior in independent group situations. (S4.E1.4)

Works safely with peers and equipment in physical activity settings. (S4.E6.4)

Exhibits etiquette and adherence to rules in a variety of physical activities. (S4.E5.4)



Strikes object consecutively with a partner, using a short-handled implement over a net or against a wall, in either a competitive or cooperative game environment. (S1.E24.5)