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Grade Level: 3-5

One student is the ghost and the rest of the students follow the ghost around while asking the ghost question. Questions can be about anything.

Example: Are you a home ghost? Are you going to chase us? etc…

The ghost will choose to respond or not respond to the question. But once the ghost turns around, the ghost can start chasing everybody. The first person to get tagged by the ghost become the new ghost. The game will begin again.

Chasers should be encouraged to chase someone with similar or higher skills than themselves.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Engages in physical
activity with responsible interpersonal behavior (e.g.,
peer to peer, student to teacher,
student to referee).

and actively involves
others with both
higher and lower skill
abilities into physical
activities and group
projects. (S4.E4.5)

Participates with
responsible personal
behavior in a variety
of physical activity
contexts, environments and facilities.


Uses appropriate
pacing for a variety
of running distances.