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Grade Level: K-2

Divide the class in half, and have each group occupy a position on opposite sides of the playing area. Give each person a bouncy ball ( the ball represents soap), and have players give their ball a hug in order to keep it quiet during directions. Place poly spots all around the playing area, and tell students that the poly spots represent germs. The object of the game is for the class to collect all of the “germs” as quickly as they can. This is a timed activity in which teams try to beat their score. On the teacher’s signal, the first players in each line move forward while dribbling the ball, and try to get the balls to land on the poly spots (germs). Each time the ball lands on a spot, the player picks it up, and brings it back to the starting line on the floor.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Dribbles a ball with one hand, attempting the second contact. (S1.E17.K)