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Grade Level: 6-8


-1 bowling pin per lane (1 per group)

-10-12 cones to separate lanes

-1 frisbee per student

-Lines to designate starting line and throwing line


-The object of this activity is to be the first group to knock down their bowling pin with a frisbee

-All groups begin at the starting lane on either side of the gym in their lane.

-Place the bowling pin in the middle of each lane behind the starting line; back from the pin. This distance could vary depending on the skill of the player

-On the signal, all players in the lanes run to their throwing line on the opposite end of the gym, pick up a frisbee, turn and throw trying to knock down your pin.

-If a pin is NOT knocked down, players will grab a frisbee near them and throw again. Having teams on both sides allow for few waiting time for frisbee retrieval.

-The first group to knock down their pin gets a point and the game is reset to be played again.


SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Throws with a mature pattern for distance or power appropriate to the activity in a dynamic environment. (S1.M2.7)