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Grade Level: 6-8

2-4 players as taggers with the remaining players divided up into 2 teams

What you need:

  • Pinnies for taggers
  • 8-10 hula hoops
  • 6-8 polyspots/cones
  • 1 frisbee for each player on one team


  • Place the polyspots/cones in the middle of the room as a “free space” where 1 team cannot be tagged for 10 seconds at a time
  • Set up a large square with other cones on the outside, size of the the square depends on the age and team size, possibly 15×10 yards
  • 1 team stands on the outside of the square and that team has the frisbees
  • Scatter the hula hoops inside the playing zone
  • The taggers and the remaining team are inside the playing zone and begin a game of tag, if a player gets tagged they must go stand in a hula hoop and await the outside team to throw a frisbee to them, if they catch the frisbee, they are back in
  • If the taggers intercept the frisbee, the taggers may switch teams
  • Switch positions every 2-3 minutes or as instructor sees fit

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Throws with a mature pattern for distance or power appropriate to the activity during small-sided game play.