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Grade Level: 3-5

After introducing/reviewing the cues for throwing and catching to be focused on during this lesson (for ex. throwing: “follow through to your partner”; “twist your body”; catching: “give with your body”; “pull the ball in to your body”), students are arranged in a scattered formation with one ball for every two children (allow them to choose object to throw).

As a musical selection is played, the children proceed to throw and catch back and forth. When the music goes off, the person that is holding the ball must chase after the other until the music comes on again. When the music starts again, students begin to throw and catch again (you might allow–or require–students to quickly change the object they are using at this point). Observe students during the activity to see if they are using the cues introduced when throwing and catching; give feedback based upon their use of these cues.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Works cooperatively with others. ( S4.E4.3a)

Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in physical activity with peers. (S4.E5.3)


Throws underhand to a partner or target with reasonable accuracy. (S1.E13.3)

Catches with reason- able accuracy in dynamic, small- sided practice tasks. (S1.E16.5c)


students could roll balls rather than throw them

students could chase anybody with a ball rather than just their partner