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Grade Level: 6-8

Use tape to make the foursquare courts. The courts should consist of one large square (about 10×10 ft) that is then divided into four separate squares inside the large one. Each square will be designated a title: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert. The object of the game is to progress from the breakfast square, to the lunch square, to the dinner square, and finally to the dessert square. Students should try to stay in the dessert square as long as possible by not getting “out”. Students will volley a ball to one another by bouncing it into another player’s square. That player must then volley the ball into another player’s square. If the player misses another player’s square, or if they allow the ball to bounce more than once in their square they are “out” and must move to the breakfast square. Each player would then rotate to the square one higher than them. If there is more than four players at a court, the remaining players will be the Chefs. The Chefs are responsible for making calls if there is a disagreement between players; they are the judge. They will rotate in at the breakfast square when someone gets “out”. The person at the Breakfast square is responsible for serving the ball by bouncing it once in their own square and then volleying it to another player’s square.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Applies rules and etiquette by acting as an official for modified physical activities and games and creating dance routines within a given set of parameters. (S4.M6.8)


Two-hand-volleys with control in a small-sided game. (S1.M17.8)