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Grade Level: 6-8

Force Be With You Kicking team lines up at home base. Fielding team spreads out to cover the space in the field. Pitcher (teacher) pitches the ball, first kicker kicks and runs toward first. Fielders attempt to field the ball and throw to first for a force out. If the runner turns at first base, s/he must continue and the fielders can then throw to second base for the force. Once a runner gets safely to second base, they have scored a run for their team and may return to the line of kickers at home plate. If the ball remains un-fielded by the time the first runner gets to second base, a second runner may run toward first. The fielders may then try to get a force out on that runner. Depending on the size of the teams, switch sides after everyone kicks or there are three outs.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Praises the move- ment performance of others both more skilled and less skilled. (S4.E4.4a)

Accepts players of all skill levels into the physical activity. (S4.E4.4b)


Uses a continuous running approach and intentionally performs a kick along the ground and a kick in the air, demonstrating 4 of the 5 critical elements of a mature pattern for each. (S1.E21.3a)

Uses a continuous running approach and kicks a stationary ball for accuracy. (S1.E21.3b)