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Grade Level: 3-5

Have students find a partner or small group of players to work with. Have each group get a mat and arrange them in circle formation. Discuss healthy, and not-so-healthy foods, and have each group of students use index cards to create a set of food cards that include healthy and fatty (or not-so-healthy) foods. Have students exchange their set of cards with another team’s set without looking at the cards. One player from each group applies tape to the back of about ten of the cards, and places them all around their mat. Students take turns practicing their rolls until all of the cards on the mat have become stuck to their clothing. Groups unattach all of the cards, and compare their foods to the other groups. The group with the healthiest overall hand (as determined by popular vote) wins a point. Exchange cards, and play again. Use a variety of rolling skills.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Rolls in different directions with either a narrow or curled body shape. (S1.E9.2)