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Grade Level: K-2

Spread hoops out on the floor in the activity area (half as many as there are students) and place a ball (or other object that can be thrown–bean bag, koosh ball, yarn ball, etc.) inside each hoop. Students should be paired with a partner–each pair stands at a hoop. One student per pair begins as the leader. When the music starts, the leader moves around the gym to the music and their partner has to copy their movements. When the music stops, each pair goes to the closest hoop and practices their throwing and catching over the hoop. When the music starts, the other person in the pair becomes the new leader and the game begins again, with the original leader in the pair, copying the movements of their partner who is the new leader.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Copying a classmate with the movements they perform.


Catches various sizes
of balls self-tossed
or tossed by a skilled
thrower. (S1.E16.1b)


Place different objects to be thrown in the hoops–yarn balls in one hoop, nerf balls in another, etc.

Use stations that require students to thrown at targets, etc. rather than just over the hoops.