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Grade Level: K-2

For this activity you will need a hula hoop and any object that you can  throw. For example, a bean bag, yarn-ball, gator-ball, etc. For this activity students will start on the sideline of a basketball court. Their hula hoop will be in front of them and they will have to toss their object (whatever that object is) into the hoop by means of an underhand throw. Once they make it inside of the hoop they will then have to flip the hoop and then go back to the sideline and make it inside the hula hoop again and repeat the process. The students should do this until about halfway from the sideline to the other sideline. After they make it halfway, they can come back to the start and select a different throwing object and repeat the process.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Follows teacher directions for safe participation and proper use of equipment without teacher reminders. (S4.E6.1)


Throws underhand, demonstrating 2 of the 5 critical elements of a mature pattern. (S1.E13.1)