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Grade Level: 3-5

The teacher tosses a ball to the students in line on the other side of the net.  The students have to pass the ball over the net into the pond.  They go to where they their ball lands.  The ball has to land inside the court (pond).  The student stands there and tries to catch any ball that comes their way.  The object is to be the last person standing on the other side.  The students have to try to hit the ball where no people are so that they do not catch their ball.  The teacher can make the activity more challenging by throwing the ball so that they have to move or hitting the ball at them.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Works independently with others in partner environments. (S4.E4.2)

Shares equipment and space with others. (S4.E4.K)


Volleys a ball using a two-hand pattern, sending it upward to a target. (S1.E23.5)

Volleys an object with an open palm, sending it upward. (S1.E22.1)