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Grade Level: 6-8

Conveyor Belt (use numbered poly spots or teachers to designate where the lines are) Split into 6 groups by off 1-6. Have all groups start on one side of the court. Game Rules: (1 or 2 rounds based on time) Each student will have a tennis racquet. Students will break into teams of four. Teams will line up in single file lines behind the designated starting line. The back person in line for each team will balance a tennis ball on their racquet. On teacher command (“Go!”), move the ball from racquet to racquet up the line to the front. Immediately after passing ball to person in front of you, run to the front of the line. Team wins when the entire team crosses the finish line. Hands can touch racquet only. No hands on tennis ball. If ball hits the ground, team starts over.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Identifies the rules and etiquette for physical activities, games and dance activities. (S4.M6.6)

Cooperates with a small group of classmates during adventure activities, game play or team-building activities. (S4.M5.6)


Demonstrates the mature form of the forehand and backhand strokes with a short-handled implement in net games such as paddle ball, pickleball or short-handled racket tennis. (S1.M14.6)

Forehand-volleys with a mature form and control using a short-handled implement. (S1.M16.6)