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Grade Level: K-2

Helpers hold noodles at various heights. Teach different levels (low, medium, and high), and pre-instruct for appropriate levels to go over and under. The bunnies (students) go around the gym going over and under “logs” and “branches” deciding whether they should go over or under. Noodles will be spread out all over the gym, students can travel wherever they want to go. If multiple people come to a noodle at one time, students should wait their turn before going over or under. For a class challenge, have students see how many logs and branches they can travel by and then after 2 minutes see how many they got. Have them try again and see if they can beat their record.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Shares equipment and space with others. (S4.E4.K)


Performs locomotor skills (hopping, galloping, running, sliding, skipping) while maintaining balance. (S1.E1.K)


The noodles can be at different heights and distances from the center of the gym so students can choose their challenge. If a student is using a wheelchair, they can choose to go to high branches and roll under.