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Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

Trifold mats are setup on the gym floor to divide the gym into two sides. Students setup a number of “ships” on their side. Ideally students are not able to see over the standing mats to the other side of the gym. Students nominate a “captian” to stand by the mats in the center and peek across to see where the opponent’s battleships are located. The captain can only communicate with their team to direct their throws. Teams are throwing foam balls over the wall to try to knock down the battleships on the other side. Throwers rely on their captain to know if they threw a ball near an opponent’s ship. The goal is to knock down (sink) all the other side’s battleships.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Works independently with others in a variety of class environments (e.g., small and large groups). (S4.E4.1)


Throws overhand, demonstrating 2 of the 5 critical elements of a mature pattern. (S1.E14.2)


Older kids can move/throw on scooters instead of standing position. Especially if the students are tall enough to see over the mats, they should sit on scooters and rely on the feedback from their teammates or captain.
Each battleship may be a variety of equipment (i.e. bowling pin, castle of hula hoops, a ball balancing atop a cone, or anything that can be tipped over or knocked down)