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Grade Level: 6-8

Batter’s Bonanza Have 6 students on each field. There should be four fields set up in a clover format. Have gates made with cones positioned throughout the field. Position the gates to simulate where open space would be in a game situation. Have one student kick three kickballs and aim to get them through the gates. The other 5 students will be in the outfield fielding the balls. Make sure to tell students to let the balls go through the gates before they field them. Once the student at bat has kicked all three kickballs, have the students rotate. The team’s goal is to collectively get as many kickballs through the gates as possible.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Engages in physical activity with res- ponsible interper- sonal behavior (e.g., peer to peer, stu- dent to teacher, student to referee). (S4.E1.5)


Demonstrates mature patterns in kicking and punting in small-sided practice task environments. (S1.E21.5)