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Grade Level: K-2

Use a washable marker to make a small mark on the right hand of each student. Create small teams of players and give each a Twister game (on which you have drawn letters). Arrange students in order, (or have students arrange themselves) and have the first player in the order serve as the spinner. All of the other players take turns placing the appropriate hand or foot on the color which is called by the spinner. If a player falls, they become the spinner. After three spins, the group changes to the next spinner.

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


Follows directions in group settings (e.g., safe behaviors, following rules, taking turns). (S4.E1.K)


Maintains momentary stillness on different bases of support. (S1.E7.Ka)

Maintains stillness on different bases of support with different body shapes. (S1.E7.1)

Balances on different bases of support, combining levels and shapes. (S1.E7.2a)