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Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

  • Two teams. One kicking, one outfield
  • Every player on the kicking team has a ball and all kick their balls into the outfield at the same time. Once they all kick the ball, they run back and forth between cones to score runs (can be different locomotor skills besides running as well). The whole team has to stay together to score points.
  • Players in the outfield, as quickly as they can, try and dribble all the balls into a goal/area that is set up somewhere in the outfield to stop the other team from scoring runs. Everyone’s ball has to be in the goal/area to stop the other team from running.
  • Each team will get 3 kicks and then switch sides
  • Teams keep track of their score and play for a certain time period

SHAPE Grade level Outcomes:


S4.E4.3a & b Works cooperatively with others. Praises others for their success in movement performance.


S1.E18.3  Dribbles with the feet in general space at slow to moderate jogging speed with control of ball and body.


Instead of outfielders dribbling into a designated area, they can kick balls into a goal