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This site is based on the idea that Physical Education (PE) is a terrific way in which students can develop as whole individuals. We hope to provide a place where teachers, parents, and students can come together to make physical education a more valuable experience. By sharing from our respective perspectives, we can make PE better, and help to make movement a more natural part of our everyday lives. In addition, we can better use the potential that PE has to ediphy, to encourage intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement in all of us!

EdiPHy was created in cooperation with faculty and staff at the University of WI-Madison and Madison area Physical Education teachers over the course of three years. A generous grant from the estate of Virginia Horne Henry made it possible. Many thanks go to the donors and participants.


Common terms on this site that are given a particular meaning within such a context.


involvement of individuals in a physical or intellectual exercise, typically implying participation of more than one person; e.g. various games, personal interactions, etc.


simple organizational tool to group various keywords by common themes / ideas / goals


EDucation in the PHYsical, the online result of work by Cindy Kuhrasch from the University of Wisconsin - Madison

General Search

a utility (accessible through the search page or in the upper-righthand corner of most pages on this site) that compares a user's text input to records in the database, and displays the results to user


a broad 1- to 2-word description to be associated with a user's submission; a single submission can have many keywords

Keyword Search

a database-generated utility (accessible through the home and search pages exclusively), which finds all records linked to the keywords selected by user

Parent Resources

resources meant as informative ways of improving your children's health, categorized by these areas of focus:


intellectual record meant for a greater comprehension and familiarity with Physical Education on the part of the reader; e.g. PE funding resources, bibliographies, etc.

Student Resources

resources meant to help students learn ways to further their healthy development, categorized by these topics of interest:

Teacher Resources

resources for teachers to help further their students' education and the betterment of PE; categorized by the following levels of teaching experience:


different renditions or versions of the same activity, to provide alternatives

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