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Teacher Resources

Dealing with Misbehavior
Resource Description:This tool offers solid ideas for dealing with student misbehavior.
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Providing Structure in your classroom
Resource Description:Students need to feel safe and secure in any situation. This document offers ideas for how to create that sense of safety.
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Creating Community Proactively
Resource Description:Do we always have to wait for misbehavior to occur before we think about it? This resource helps you to plan for student (and teacher) success in the classroom BEFORE issues arise.
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Discipline Models
Resource Description:A great overview of the theoretical models of child behavior. A great first step in determining your personal beliefs about student behavior.
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Integrated Thenatic Instruction
Resource Description:Creating community helps to connect every facet of the classroom. Hear is a great visual representation of the process.
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Character Traits
Resource Description:Now that you believe in the idea of teaching character in your PE classes...what do you teach? Here's the next resource for you.
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Levels of Responsibility
Resource Description:Need a way to present your behavioral expectations to your students in a consistent manner? Here's a great resource.
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Teacher responses to misbehavior
Resource Description:This is a sequentially organized listing of possible teacher responses to misbehavior. It can serve as a valuable tool when trying to decide upon the most appropriate responses to student behavior.
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