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Parent Resources

Suggested Equipment List
Resource Description:A basic list of equipment for a quality PE program.
Resource Detail:View details for Suggested Equipment List
Premises of PE
Resource Description:An overview of the reasons for including Physical Education as a part of any child's developmental process.
Resource Detail:View details for Premises of PE
Appropriate Practices In PE
Resource Description:A listing of the appropriate practices and the theoretical background for each.
Resource Detail:View details for Appropriate Practices In PE
Playground Evaluation Tool
Resource Description:Use this tool to evaluate the playground at your child's school.
Resource Detail:View details for Playground Evaluation Tool
Motor skills
Resource Description:This is the "meat" of any PE program...the motor skiil themes and specific motor skills. These 40 odd skills form the basis of almost every sport and game we know.
Resource Detail:View details for Motor skills
Movement Wheel
Resource Description:Not sure about what makes up the PE curriculum? Here is a visual overview of the 12 motor skill themes. Most sports and games come from these.
Resource Detail:View details for Movement Wheel
Cues for Motor Skills
Resource Description:The kids are participating in another great activity (that you created). Now what? How about giving them some specific feedback about their performance? Here are the cues you need for almost every skill!
Resource Detail:View details for Cues for Motor Skills
Movement Concepts
Resource Description:PE isn't all about the physical...there are many movement concepts that are taught each day in gyms all over the country. Here they are.
Resource Detail:View details for Movement Concepts
PE Objectives
Resource Description:Your principal called and said it is curriculum revision time! Don't are a solid set of objectives to use as the base.
Resource Detail:View details for PE Objectives
Appropriate Practices In PE
Resource Description:A comprehensive listing of what should and shouldn't happen in our programs.
Resource Detail:View details for Appropriate Practices In PE
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